Baroque cello – Basse de Violon

Baroque Cello performance has long fascinated me. For the past decade I have produced bass instruments of the violin family, including baroque Violone. The baroque cellos in piccolo sizes with corpus lengths of 60-64, and the 5-string violoncello piccolos have all possessed lovely bass/tenor voices despite their petite sizes. Larger corpus violoncelli currently being made can be seen on the workbench page

5-String Baroque Cello after Venetian maker Martin Kaiser.

This baroque cello has a lovely, deep and rich melancholy voice, full of tonal color. The back of beautiful sycamore, top of Italian spruce aged over 20 years. This instrument is located in Spain for sale and trial.

baroque cello five string whole

baroque cello for sale Spain

5 string baroque cello back

baroque cello 5 string

baroque 5 string cello Venetian

Venetian baroque cello soundhole

baroque violoncello sycamore back

baroque cello for sale

baroque cello scroll side

baroque 5 string cello neck and setup

Baroque cello 5-string violoncello piccolo. Inspired by Grancino 2014 .

For this 5 string baroque cello I have used willow for the back material as its damping qualities and density of grain structure tend to often achieve a pure, softer, antique tone. One can hear the silvery character of the instrument in the video link below. This is a very small corpus instrument at 64cm; the extra 5th string adds a rich and lovely upper tenor range with an equally impressive C string for such a small instrument. A very rapid and even response and overall balanced tonal range of sound was present in this violoncello. (SOLD) Audio samples of this instrument can be heard here.

Violoncello after Giovanni Francesco Celoniato

Celoniato worked in Turin ca. 1720-1760 and generally used Amati models to great success. Occasionally he produced violoncelli with smaller corpus sizes which nevertheless have very fine and deep tone. This instrument is made after the cello housed in the Royal Academy of music in London and has a corpus of 73.5cm. One curious attribute of this instrument is the use of lime wood (Linden) for the scroll head. (SOLD)

 Giovanni Francesco Celoniato cello

Giovanni Francesco Celoniato cello

Giovanni Francesco Celoniato violoncello

Giovanni Francesco Celoniato violoncello

Violoncello willow back

baroque cello bridge Turin

baroque cello willow back

Celoniato scroll head

Giovanni Francesco Celoniato scroll cello

Giovanni Francesco Celoniato cello scroll

Baroque 5-string Violoncello Piccolo

A free interpretation of the 5 string violoncello piccolo played by baroque cellist Jennifer Morsches, this Amati Model cello had a lovely, balanced and powerful tone. The entire viola range can be reached with the extra E string making this a versatile bass-tenor instrument. (SOLD)

Basse de Violon inspired by Egidius Snoeck 1715

A commissioned instrument for the Early Music Department of McGill University in Canada. Photos of the instrument in progress can be seen on the on the workbench page. The model is after the Violone by Egidius Snoeck in Brussel, ca. 1715. This unique instrument is in the collection of the Dutch National Music Foundation.

Dutch National Music Foundation

baroque bass violin

Baroque 5 String Violoncello.

This unique 5-string baroque violoncello piccolo was inspired by a Venetian instrument made ca. 1700 in the Orpheon Consort collection. The one piece back of beautiful pear wood gave a lovely soft speaking voice to this cello, with still much projection while maintaining its antique-sounding tone. My target period and the tone I was seeking for this baroque cello was the late 17th Century, and thus the use of partially silver wound over gut strings. (SOLD)

Venetian Baroque cello

Venetian baroque cello

Venetian baroque cello

Venetian baroque cello

Venetian baroque cello