Hear my Instruments

Below one may sample audio recordings of instruments produced in the Vienna workshop. Both instruments have smaller corpus yet a rich, balanced bass range. The Violoncello Piccolo in the second video made in 2015 has a lovely, silvery bass/tenor range which is well suited to the vast amount of obligato violoncello repertoire made easier by the 5th, higher E-string.

Photos on the instruments heard below can be seen on the cello gallery page.

The performances are by Michal Stahel  in Vienna Austria.

Baroque Cello after Anton Posch made in Vienna, 2014

5-String Violoncello Piccolo after Grancino made in Vienna, 2015


Baroque Violin 2018.

A sound demonstration of a recent baroque violin. This is a highly arched violin which achieved my aim of finding a dark, melancholic voice,  combined with clear projection and balanced tone colors. One may browse current violins being made here.


Viola 17″ Personal Model made in Vienna Austria 2012.

I include this video as it is helpful in demonstrating my desire towards making modern violas with very sweet-sounding voices as well as a rich, tenor projection.